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Azure DevOps does a great job when providing hosted agent services. They come loaded with all required software, they care about updates and everything else, but they have some major drawbacks:

  • No static external IP-address (so it's not possible to have an additional layer of security))
  • You get a new VM each time, so you need to clone your repository fresh, install a fresh set of NPM packages, install all those base Docker images (not a big deal for alpine-based images, but when it comes to Microsoft one, it is really a hitter)
  • For closed source projects there is a hard limit of 1800 minutes per month per 1 hosted job (I do not like limits even if I never hit them 😀 )
  • And so on – you name it

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The target of this post is to share how to configure Sitecore JSS headless with a Node.js proxy on CentOS and to demonstrate a staging approach for the hosting of the CD role. Since the front-end is rendered on a stand-alone Node proxy, we can easily configure as much backend CD servers as needed, which allows us to deploy CD code on a staging server, and then switch the target server on the Node instance.

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This blog post covers automation of  VSTS extension publishing with Teamcity 🙂

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Последнее время я был очень занят работой по поддержке наших клиентов и поэтому просто не было времени, чтобы писать в блог. Однако, система доставки и интеграции тем временем всё-таки развивается и активно используется нами. Хочу рассказать о сравнительно свежих обновлениях, добавленных в процедуру доставки веб приложений.
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